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Sometimes Slowing Down Is A Power Move

How often do you slow yourself down so you can speed yourself up?

This concept doesn’t actually make sense literally but as a tool of self-care makes perfect sense to me.

I don’t know about you but it seems like everyone around me is hustling HARD, including me.

I know there was a hunger that’s been unleashed at the turn of the decade when I came out of my hibernation of November and December, looked around and said, I want to do big things this year.

I’ve been writing and creating a ton. I’m enrolling for my group program @datewithdepth. I’m hosting women’s circles. I’m bringing more presence and consciousness to my partnership. Oh, I also have a 9-5!

When my life gets this full I’ve been known to lose touch with myself and my inner world because I have so much attention on my outer world. I tip into the red zone and start feeling irritable, envious, angry and victimized. I complain and blame more.

At a certain point a tiny voice inside reminds me that this isn’t really me and that I’ve lost touch. It’s time to slow down. Sometimes slowing down is a power move. My slowing down looks like asking myself two important questions:

1. What do I need right now?

2. What would be a loving thing I could give myself right now

What I need: We have lots of needs. Needs for physical sustenance, connection, to matter, affection, freedom, auto money, community, relaxation to name a few.

What I can do about it: This is about taking action on those needs. Usually for me it’s being still, turning my phone to airplane mode, setting a boundary, speaking a truth, giving myself permission to take a break.

In doing this I slow down to recharge and the recharging gives me energy to get back to the business of being in my purpose and showing up full and present in my relationships with people.

If this makes sense to you, I’d love to hear how you slow down to speed up!


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