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  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wesleyan University

  • I have a Masters of Science in Education from Wheelock College

  • Coaching is not a regulated field however I've attend a year long coach training program and completed two advanced level coaching programs. I have 8 years of 1:1 and group coaching experience. I specialize in trauma recovery, women's issues, spiritual mentorship and business coaching.

  • One modality available in my coaching programs is Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT or Tapping and I've been a devoted practitioner for 9 years. I'm currently in a professional certification program with The Center for EFT Studies.

  • Tuning into unseen energy has been a practice of mine from young age. In the last two years I've personally experienced the healing benefits of working with the vibrational (subtle) energy of plants. I'm currently in a professional certification program with Brooke Sullivan working with flower essences and am starting to integrate this tool into my work.

  • I have 8+ years experience in 12-Step recovery and have an extensive background in healing addiction and arresting unwanted compulsive behaviors we use to manage the affects of trauma.

  • My time in the recovery rooms has included an ongoing program inside of ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families) receiving training in family systems, inner parts work and reparenting.


  • I love listening to and sharing music with friends

  • I was a DJ while living in New York City 

  • I love dogs and cats equally

  • I love cooking and eating 

  • I haven't had a drink or drug in over 7 years

  • My Galactic Credentials:  Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Rising, 5/1 Generator 

  • I have a passion for photography

  • I've gone ice fishing on Lake Michigan

  • My superpower is physically and energetically cleaning spaces

  • I totally love the human energy field, auras, chakras, flower essences and crystals

  • Though not religious, I am spiritual and believe in Divine Order and a Higher Power (for myself) whom I choose to call Spirit, God, The Divine, Love, The Great Mystery

My work and coaching are for you if... 

  1. You're becoming aware of your emotional patterns and want to break free of them

  2. You grew up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional home and are ready to heal the vestiges of that childhood trauma

  3. You deal with stress with fawning/people pleasing, internalizing/saying nothing at all, emotional outbursts, or some other maladaptive behavior and want support with changing that

  4. You seek approval and affirmation in your life and without it you’re anxious, worried and afraid

  5. You get attached to your romantic interests quickly and it’s backfired on you on a few occasions

  6. You're in a partnership that's having challenges and you want help

  7. You have a pattern of falling for or getting close to emotionally unavailable people and it’s frustrating and painful for you

  8. You recognize you have a gift or calling you want to share with the world and feel blocked for some reason or another

  9. You want to run your business in way that feels authentic and generative to you

  10. You want to heal and find yourself

My work and coaching are NOT for you if...

  1. You're closed off to new ideas that could help you get the things you want

  2. You blame life on external factors (people, places and circumstances) and operate primarily from a "victim consciousness" believing everything happens to you rather than for you

  3. You have painful unprocessed trauma from a recent event or childhood that would be best addressed with a mental health or medical professional

  4. You want a place to vent and let out all your pain and anger

Please Note: The journey through Integration Arts is not entirely linear. It's a unique experience directed by you and your needs. The curriculum can be delivered through various digital, LIVE, group and private offerings ranging from $7-$18,000. Click the buttons below to explore more.

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