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Integration Arts is the culmination of my deepest life's work up to this point. Integration Arts is a non-linear process of healing, completion, and coming into your full power with the optional support of vibrational flower essences.

Engaging with this body of work will help you...

develop facility with your emotional world

(re)build healthy relationships of any kind from the ground up

integrate what's unresolved from the past

and if you desire, create and steward a business from power and vitality 


She Who's Free, Bold and Bright.

A private and group coaching program for women who have dedicated significant time to healing their traumas, achieved stability, safety and profound self-knowledge but want to develop the confidence, self-trust and relational skills to fully engage with Life and experience the aliveness and vibrance it so generously has to offer.


Business Led By Wholeness

A private business mentorship for women that will support you in bringing all the benefits of tending to your emotional world into stewarding a business that falls into your definition of success.



The Life-Giving Medicine of Heartbreak

An online intensive and group coaching program for women growing through changes after the break-up of a romantic relationship. Heartbreak and grief is an incredibly rich time for connection and transformational "mud-work". This program is in service to rebirth, growth and renewed personal empowerment. 

Image by Jason Leung


Date + Relate Intentionally

Are you ready to discover the Visions, Values and Goals for your love life? This is an online intensive ideal for single women that examines your relationship history and patterns so you bring awareness, confidence and intention to your love life.

Image by Francesco Mazzoli


Instant Access to Paid Resources

Explore the collection of digital self-paced offerings that support my body of work Integration Arts. The shop has instant access to classes, digital guides, scrips and audios. 

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

What's Your Next Step?

Go here to learn more about me, my background, my credentials and who this work is ideal for.

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