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You Can Be Spiritual and Feel Rage

I have always LOVED this quote and have no idea where it came from.

But it feels extremely relevant today.

I've fallen into the trap on a few occasions letting the fact that I am a spiritual person, meaning I strive to be a person whose highest priority is to be loving to myself and to others, override my authentic negative emotions.

When you bypass spiritually you might be doing any of the following:

-Not focusing on the here and now, finding escape from difficult emotions a spiritual realm of your choosing much of the time.

-Overemphasizing the positive in a situation and avoiding acknowledging the negative.

-Being overly detached about difficult situations.

-Pretending or saying that everything is fine when it’s not.

Gentle reminder today:

We are human and this is a part of OUR experience.

Create safe spaces to feel it all even if right now it isn't positive.

Have a great day.




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