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What Our Strong Emotional Responses Teach Us

I recently signed a new client who wants support managing her anger.

I couldn't be more thrilled to start this work together!

Women Can Heal is all about using your love life to heal, grow and be fully self-expressed.

In our love lives we can struggle with strong and recurring emotional responses. We can struggle even harder if we aren't aware of what these emotional responses are really trying to tell us.

Mine top three emotional responses in dating and relationships were jealously, possessiveness and anger.

For too long I thought...

my jealousy was telling me that THEY needed to change their behavior

my possessiveness was telling me THEY needed to show their loyalty to me better

and my anger was telling me THEY did something wrong

I learned in my healing journey that your strong emotional response can be your best clue to the unfinished business from your past.

I started to integrate this concept.

I started to put the focus on me and learn from my emotional struggles.

I learned jealousy was telling me I felt emotionally insecure and threatened that someone I cared about might be taken away. Emotional insecurity is my own unfinished business from the past.

I learned possessiveness was telling me I've gone too far into seeing the person I cared about as a possession and that I needed to work on letting go. This is also unfinished business connected to my own emotional insecurity.

I learned that anger is a healthy emotion that shows me where a boundary may have been violated, or where I got my feelings hurt and where I can respectfully and powerfully speak that truth. I learned unhealthy expressions of anger in my past and as an adult I can take responsibility for shifting this.

This is how you get free when you struggle emotionally in relationships.

I'd love to hear if there is an emotion that is challenging for you and what you do to keep working on yourself




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