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What is really means to be a woman who loves herself

Written by: @amandasawakening

“She is kind and giving but she has set healthy boundaries for herself. She isn’t afraid to say no and understands that saying no does not mean she won’t be loved. She is deliciously authentic. She doesn’t bend for others or try to fit in. She doesn’t mind if she disagrees or stands out as she beats to a different drum because she only wants to be her true self.

She is confident but not conceited. She knows she’s worth it without having to be told. . She’s sure of herself and her worth and won’t settle for anything half-assed. If someone doesn’t like her, doesn’t want her, won’t call her, or doesn’t want to see her, she’s completely OK with that. Their loss. She knows what she loves. She has many passions and interests and makes time for these pleasures, all while being open to new experiences and opportunities. She means it when she says yes, and always gives 110%. There’s no mediocre in her world. She has an inner beauty that shines from within. She knows she isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes her beautiful and her imperfections are more beautiful because she doesn’t run from them or hide them, but instead owns them and loves them, for, they are, her. She has deeply satisfying female friendships; women who nurture, support and lift her up. She too aims to empower other women, knowing that we rise by lifting others... ...She trusts her intuition and her deep sense of inner knowing. She follows her heart and is confident in her path to live a soul-centered life. She has come to embrace her age and realizes with age comes wisdom and great power. No longer does she care about an extra grey hair or wrinkle, but instead has never felt more sensual, more attractive or more at home in her skin. She has a whole new ability for balance, wisdom, giving and service. She is not afraid to be vulnerable. She understands that with vulnerability can come risk, but she’d rather show up for life than hide behind the armor she used to wear.”


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