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The moment I began defining my worth others could see it too.

The moment I set boundaries in dating and seeking love I began to filter out incompatible people. Then my partner appeared. Together now for 3+ years he wrote this about me on Facebook on my birthday in April. He sees my worth and value because I claimed mine first. “She's honest. Really, really honest. She's driven and motivated - to heal, to find out what's true, to be connected, to fully live her passion in life. Nothing less than all-in will do here. I'm extremely, extremely lucky to be with her. I feel like I'm learning to truly love another human being. To get out of my head and out of my propensity for focusing on what I want, and to actually tune in and support someone else, to meet Michele where she's at. Even just to have attention on someone else in my day-to-day life and stop thinking about me so much. It seems kind of obvious I guess, but to be honest, it means the world to me. I feel like I'm becoming more accepting of my humanity every day, and it happens because Michele is the most beautiful thing in the world and I find her to be so precious to me. Michele, I feel so incredibly lucky to be your life ally. I truly feel we can move mountains together (I think we have), and even though we've been together nearly 3 years somehow I feel like we're just now stepping out of the "starting" phase, and there's still a whole massive depth of our world for us to explore together. I'm incredibly excited to do it with you.”


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