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The Healing Process Explained

Some of us touch wounds and pick scabs on our bodies.

Some of us go back to emotionally harmful relationships.

Some of us stay in jobs we hate.

Some of us call in painful experiences to relive even though we know we’d be better off creating new healthier experiences.

When someone says to heal a wound you need to stop touching it I am reminded of this very normal process of healing.

I believe we won’t be ready to heal until we are ready to heal.

We learn the lesson when we are ready to learn it.

We leave or stop when we are ready to leave or stop.

Approval is everything when it comes to healing, growth and transformation not self-criticism.

So today, a gentle reminder:

If you aren’t ready to stop touching that wound there is probably a good reason for that.

This might not be a popular viewpoint with some of you. And that’s ok too.

I trust each person’s process and I hope you can too.

Self-trust is a huge part of stepping into and sustaining healthy dating and relationship.

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