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Redefining Our Defining Moments

In my last piece I wrote about a defining moment in my life that deeply impacted how I went about dating, how I sought relationship and how I showed up in them. When I was teenager I courageously told a boy I liked him and he told me he just wanted to be friends. He went on with his life unaware the things happening inside me. He experienced me writing him that note telling him how I felt and when he told me it wasn’t available for that. I experience a door had been slammed in my face. I felt small, broken, worthless and angry just like I would feel many times in the future with men who told me some version of, “I’m not interested in you.” or “This isn’t working out.” Doing inner work many years later I discovered all I’ve been ever been looking for in love and dating is a sense of belonging and worthiness. When I learned this about myself I felt like I could rewrite that moment back when I was teenager by changing it's meaning. I also felt like I could rewrite subsequent breakups and rejections in adulthood. This is how you break the chains that limiting belief create. You dig deep to find the lie you told yourself or believed that was told to you. You do some inner mining for the lesson for you to learn. The second round of Date With Depth begins in February. In this course I walk you through your defining moment(s) and help you see how your limiting belief(s) are working cross purpose to your deeper desires. Then we redefine and set you free. Head on over to the link in my bio to book your discovery call. It's time to turn your pain to power this year. Love, Michele Founder of @womencanheal


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