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"I Don't Ever Want to Be Madly In Love Again...

...I want to be healthy in love, sanely in love, peacefully in love."

I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been madly in love before.

I used to believe dating, relationships and love had to be and feel extremely difficult for it to be real.

I’ve learned in my healing that’s because there is something familiar and comforting to me about love and feeling loved feeling difficult.

I learned it at a young age.

That love also included worry about the future, instability and feelings of self-doubt.

I’m glad my experience and awareness has gotten me to where I am today.

That I get to rewrite this narrative as I explore conscious and awakened romantic partnership.

Being in partnership today is healing my past.

My practice today is to note the false narratives about love and relationship when they come up.

I try to catch the behaviors fueled by the false narratives and make attempts to show up differently.

Doing this I get to experience healthier love.

I get to cultivate peace and sanity in my life.


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