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Hurting Women Have Potential

So, I attract hurting women to my coaching practice and programs. My business is called Women Can Heal so it makes sense. I love working with women who are hurting. I swear this isn’t some sadistic thing. What I enjoy about working with women who are hurting is that I can deeply empathize. I empathize with the pain of bottling up my emotions for fear of speaking up. I empathize with the pain of letting inappropriate behavior continue in my relationships and not setting boundaries for fear of losing the person. I empathize with the pain of looking toward my significant other for validation and emotional security. Being with my clients I see them and they see me. That in itself is such a gift. To feel not alone. The other gift is the realization that as much as they or I hurt is as much as they and I can heal. I believe as far down as you go is a high as you can rise, and even higher. Hurting women have potential.


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