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Endings Are Never Endings

Yesterday I had my last group call for Transform: From Pain to Power in 6 Weeks

And honestly it just feels like the beginning. I'm seeing that I have gift and I'm stepping into it more fully. No ego. Just clean truth. I'm owning my value and worth more and more and it feels so f-ing good. Here is what a couple of the women had to say during closing rounds:

"Thank you for the space to be able to reveal more and more. To see myself more clearly and to hear myself through all of the stories of everyone here. To feel that connection, that resonance. I’m grateful for this opportunity and this space.”

“I’m grateful for you ladies. It was such a blessing to see the post on Facebook that you were going to be doing this, Michele. I had no idea where it came from and then I was like, "I’m gonna sign up!" and it’s been fantastic meeting you in person and getting to know you.”

"I am grateful for you Michele and the beautiful holding that you naturally have in your being. I feel you expand over the Internet. It feels like your heart and your spirit holds us. That feeling of “home” that I was talking about, of being held and also expansive.”

All the gratitude feels wonderful and what I keep thinking about is all the work it took! LOL. From that spark of desire to create a transformational experience for women, to the focus and attention it took to create the curriculum, to the emotional breakthrough I had around self-worth enrolling for and selling it, to the steadiness I cultivated holding 6 beautiful and powerful women, to the dedication in staying true to the promises (outcome) of the program. I said yes to myself and I transformed. I can't wait to offer this again and integrate all the feedback. Thank you so much to my pioneers.

The ones who said YES first. Love and honor you so much. Women Can Heal


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