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Controlled Online Content & Self Worth

Honestly, I gotta check myself on Instagram sometimes. I can get carried away with comparing myself to other women doing similar things I am doing now or aspire to do. Recently I’ve been obsessed with getting professional photos done because the photos I post aren’t good enough. Yikes. You see I have A LOT of desire to activate my full potential, be in purpose and come home to my own innate goodness. So if I ever feel like that is threatened (in truth it’s never ever really threatened, I just believe it is) I can tip into fear, judgment, envy and competition. None of these patterns actually grow me into the woman I want to be. They don’t move me in the direction I want to be. So I check myself often. I ask myself why I would want to get photos taken. Would it be from fear or actual desire? I say nice things to myself when I start comparing. I say, “Michele, you are pretty, your message is powerful and you are doing a great job sharing vulnerably.”


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