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Being Single Doesn't Mean You're Unwanted or Undesireable

I've been hearing around in my coaching practice that the isolation for single women is bringing up old wounds. Fear of being alone. Fear of abandonment. Fear of failure. Fear not being good enough.

I wonder how many of you out there are also experiencing this. Today, I wanted to give you this warm and loving reminder. Being single doesn't mean you're undesirable or unwanted. It means you know your worth and are waiting for someone who is worthy.

I invite you to use this time of solitude to go inward and meet these fears head on with some exquisite self-care.

Here are some of my favorite ways to practice self-care in my home when I'm feeling this quality of fear:

Pet a warm puppy.

Enjoy a long nap.

Drink a cup of your favorite tea made just how you like.

Walk (6 feet apart) with a friend.

Do something that is fun for you in the house.

Sit by a lake or stream.

Work in your garden.


Listen to your favorite music.

Dance to your favorite music.

Talk with a friend on the phone or video conference.

Read a good book.

Watch the sunrise or set.

Go to the park alone.

Lay on the beach alone.

Cook your favorite meal.

Take a hot salt bath with candles.

Watch your favorite movie or TV show.

Ask 5 people to tell you things they appreciate about you.

We are in this together and this too shall pass.



Founder of @womencanheal


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