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Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

“All the good ones are taken.” “I shouldn’t have to work this hard to find a relationship.” “I’m too old.” “It’s too late for me.”

“I’m not going to find someone who really gets me.” Is this you? Talking yourself out of the the love relationship you want and deserve? I have an answer. Join me in DATE WITH DEPTH. Go to or click the link in bio to learn more. I’ve helped dozens of women including myself find healing, peace, love and relationships - so please use me as a resource! Don’t let your fears around being single, time, your age, being unwanted or the dating game being too competitive keep you from seizing the opportunities right in front of you. Doing the inner work to overcome my fears has allowed me to develop dating grit, define my worth, shore up my boundaries and find the relationship I am in now.


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