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A Dream Realized

I’ve have been wanting to create a safe space for women seeking awakening for some time now. To create a space that incorporated my unique journey of healing over the last 4 years.

I thought one-on-one coaching was going to be my primary avenue for seeing this vision actualized and I felt too scared to do anything on a group level because I doubted my own abilities to do it and hold it.

At the same time I’m working full time, in a partnership, in business school, a member of a conscious community house and at times it feels like my insides are rearranging working an intensive spiritual program. In my mind having this dream come true would mean something getting dropped. And sometimes they did but the fire of this desire never went out.

How did I it keep on burning?

Well, I’ve been learning, healing and growing. I’ve picked up some critical tools along the way from incredible teachers, mentors and trusted companions. Tools on how to maintain my attention, motivation and self worth, how to feel and use energy and how to follow my intuition, how to tune into my self-care, how to state and hold boundaries around my time, how to ask for help, how to generate power, how to let go and how to take risks safely.

Those and many more had it be I could keep pursuing this purpose and stay balanced and in my range even when I felt like I wanted to say f*ck it to this awakening and activating your potential BS. Of course another tool I have in my toolbox is how to work with my fears especially the fears that disguise themselves as apathy, victimhood and judgement.

So here I am the day after a huge expansion and level up. I hosted 17 women inside the exact safe space I dreamed. I’m grateful for every inch of discomfort I had leading up to last night. For the people who reflected back my own desire, for the people who helped when I needed it, for the sisters who showed up to back me, for the women who said YES.

For the process. For the love. For life.


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