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#37: What I'm Ready For...

Today is the day I was born!

Happy birthday to me and everyone else who is celebrating a birthday today! It’s been such a rich year being 36 years old. The biggest theme of the year was letting go on deeper and deeper levels the things I couldn’t control and then building trust in the process of life. Over and over life gave me opportunities to practice this this year. I think I met them at times kicking and screaming and other times with grace and presence. As I travel to 37 today. I feel hopeful and open. In this next year I’m ready for a lot. I’m ready: • to be completely cured from lupus and come off all medications • to really forgive myself and others • to let go of stories and pain I’ve been holding onto for fear of who I’d be if I let them go • to be in deep service to women’s healing process by creating customized healing containers for my clients • to coach, teach and create content for course about how women can heal • to cultivate a relationship with the spirit of money and further develop abundance, generosity and trust mindsets with money • for continued honesty, passion, depth and play in my partnership • for increased emotional, spiritual security • to express more love • to have more fun • to travel and see more of the world What are you ready for?


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