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A Vulnerable Reveal

I've been having "writer's block" for about 3 months now despite posting on here pretty consistently.

It's been easy to put on my teacher hat and post carousels for you and share all my knowledge about emotional growth and building healthy relationships. It's been heart opening to allow you to feel my care for you as I impart my knowledge. The genuine appreciate I get back from you is seen and deeply felt.

It's also been easy to put on my entertainer hat and post reels for you to laugh at and feel things with. It's definitely been an edge and grown me in a way I didn't realize it would. Allowing me to take risks in my delivery of what I want to share and put out into the world.

Both types of content have grown this community very quickly and for that I'm grateful.

But I lost myself a bit.

The truth is I haven't wanted to open up and reveal more intimately about some of my own emotional growth and personal changes.

I'm the coach. I should have it all together right?

Hence the writer's block with a dash of imposter syndrome.

This post isn't about listing and revealing all the things like a one and done.

My intention with this post is to connect by sharing with you that I'm OK but going through a lot (like I'm sure many of you are).

The theme this last 3 months has been IDENTITY SHIFTING...

In my business.

In my relationship.

In myself.

Quite terrifying and liberating.

There have already been some big shifts in these areas and more are coming.

All good things.

What I share and how I share it is likely going to shift too and I'll be making micro adjustments along the way.

Know that the teachings, the things that are most important to me and transmissions will stay the same.

You can trust that everything that comes through from here on out will be the real me and in service to the following:


(2) Delivering my codes of RELATIONSHIP ALCHEMY

(3) Holding the pole for your EVOLUTION THROUGH INTEGRATION

So if you're interested in going on that ride with me I invite you to stay, connect, learn, grow and witness.

Can't wait to share more of myself with you.




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