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5 Years...

Today marks 5 years of romantic partnership and over 7 years knowing this wonderful man.

Just a few nights ago we were chatting in bed reflecting on how far we've come.

He said, "You and I have gone through hell together."

I laughed out loud but felt the truth of his statement.

To some this might seem intense.

Our relationship started out as a crucible.

Actually, it still is and always will be.

It was just really really damn hot in the beginning because there was SO much to burn off and alchemize to get to where we are today.

The layers of...






Now you might be thinking...

Why would you go through hell?

Life's too short.

Find someone else who doesn't trigger you as much.

If it's that hard it's probably not meant to be.

I'd say to you these are great thoughts and questions.

I'd say someone else would find their truth inside those thoughts and questions and leave a relationship that felt hellish.

I'm just not that person.

I know I was built for this kind of awakening, emotional growth and alchemy.

I know I am build for relationship as a spiritual practice.

I know my soul chose this man minutes after I met him but my mind kept me in friendship with him for two years before they finally got into alignment.

I know these things and I chose to be here when it feels like heaven and when it feels like hell.

I choose to burn.

I chose to heal.

I choose to love.

I choose to love this man.

Happy Anniversary.

To many more.💗


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