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You're "The One" You're Looking For

I'm coming back online from a weekend trip to San Francisco spending time with my partner's family. I didn't expect it, but in addition to the nourishment I got spending time with family, I also had some powerful experiences walking around downtown SF taking in the energy of the city. I had a few nostalgic flashbacks to my times living in big cities. You might now know this but I've also lived in Boston, New York City and Austin, TX so there is a certain frequency that gets hit for me now coming back to SF that I don't feel living in more rural California. If I'm completely honest, during my time living in big cities, my life closely resembled Sex and the City in some of the best... and worst ways. Let's start with the best ways"

  • I had a crew of women friends in each of those cities who I could count on through just about anything. (Yes, there were many Saturday and Sunday brunches over mimosas!)

  • I lived in beautifully apartments in prime locations within walking distances to the best places in the city.

  • I had a stable career and money to enjoy experiences in these amazing cities.

  • I had a large dating pool to swim in living so I could set up a date multiple times a week.

Now..the worst ways:

  • My crew of women friends struggled with developing stable and healthy relationships right alongside me. Sometimes it's was like the blind leading the blind.

  • I often had trouble being alone in my beautifully decorated apartments especially when I was in between relationships because the loneliness and pain would get to be too much.

  • I was having moments of mismanaging my money in serious ways because I thought buying and spending money would fill the emptiness I often felt inside.

  • While I had a large dating pool to swim in, I had no clue which "fish" to pick and for the life of me could not figure out how to get what I wanted in my love life.

So there were good and bad experiences in each city lived in. It took another heart break for me to finally realize that with each move to another city I'd convinced myself the bad was the fault of the city, or the people, or the vibe...anything outside of me. The truth was I was really trying to outrun myself and my deep lack of self-love. I also had a program running in the background that went something like this: "I will love myself when I find a relationship." I wonder if you can relate to this one . Maybe yours sounds like: "I will love myself when I'm thin, smart, rich, beautiful, married, a success [INSERT SOME OTHER FUTURE-ORIENTED EXTERNAL CONDITION] ." I know I put conditions and limits on loving, valuing, and accepting myself everyday. I t's why I allowed for pain and chaos to ensue on the regular in my love life. I know I put work, family, and achievements before my own love, care and self-fulfillment. I know I felt unworthy and not good enough. Here are some things I've learned along my journey to self-love: Things change when you can slow down, connect and find time to give to yourself. Even though it's easier to love and give to others we HAVE to give it to ourselves first. Prioritize our mind, body, and soul connection to elevate beyond living an OK life to being the Creatrix of the life, love and relationships you want. I'm so excited to let you know about an online event I'm going to be a part of with Brenda Miranda. The event is called: UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE Unlock Secrets to Deeply Connect and Embrace Who You Are to Experience Greater Love and intimacy. This event will give you the tools to optimize your mind, body and soul connection. You'll feel profoundly loved and have more love to give to others, be unapologetically yourself and live your best life. The conversations we'll be having are meant to help you:

  • Connect with your feminine power

  • Love and accept yourself unconditionally

  • Optimize your intimacy, relationships, and love life

  • Supercharge your self-confidence, self-worth, and self-care

  • Create more joy, pleasure, and fulfillment in your life

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend . You can register HERE. Join me and 10 experts in the fields of love, intimacy, relationships, mindset and more, who have all been where you are and have found their way forward. FUN FACT: My former relationship coach, Alexandra Stockwell who is a powerhouse in the the world of intimacy is also a part of this event so this makes this EXTRA special for me! Together, in a 1-day LIVE virtual event we'll help you shift to a place of love, healing, and transformation. You will get the step by step and ‘how to’ of boosting your self-love and living an enriched and healthy life. All things we need to build and maintain relationships. While this is going to be a live interactive experience with the experts, but don’t worry if you can’t make it live, you can still register for the event and catch the replays. Access the entire UNCONDITIONAL SELF- LOVE event with your FREE pass. Register here now! See you there!



P.S. Whether you're suffering from burnout and lack of self-love or ready to uplevel your life and relationships, Unconditional Self-Love will take your love and happiness to the next level. Jump in to save your seat HERE NOW!


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