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Transformation is possible for every woman.

Here’s how I know it. In 2008... • I was suffering from chronic physical pain and exhaustion from an autoimmune disease. • I was drinking and smoking every weekend and waking up hungover and empty. • I was angry, heartbroken and single-ish hoping I could turn an unavailable man my boyfriend. • I was getting poor performance reviews at work because I was irritable and hard to work with. • I was living paycheck to paycheck, owed a lot of people a lot of money and wanted to start a business. • I was estranged from many people I was once close to. Today... • My autoimmune disorder has been in remission for the last 4 years. • I’ve found a new presence and direction in my life after over 2 years of substance-free living. • I've found a relationship that has passion, depth and longevity. • I’m making a steady income now, building up savings, paying down debt and have created an additional $4000 this year alone in my side hustles. • I’ve let go of years of bitterness, baggage and sadness and came off antidepressants after a year. • I’m reconciling with the people I care about. • Most importantly, I’ve learned how to stop behaviors and thought patterns that were harming me and others. Life is good now but by no means perfect. I still have challenges. I forget who I am. I forget what I am capable of. Thankfully each day I get to do the work to come home again to the happiest healthiest version of myself.


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