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The reason people awaken...

"The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul."

This one speaks to me deeply. There were many things I agreed to in the past that I believe insulted my soul. I call my soul my true self. I could tell I was insulting my true self because after I did them I experienced anger, avoidance, embarrassment, guilt, superiority, inferiority and hopelessness. I experienced pain. By the way, this is just a short list of the effects of living in such a way that is misaligned with your true self. There are plenty more overt and covert side effects but you know you’re in it if you have grown physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually exhausted. Your soul/true self are starting to have enough. I had that moment and for me it’s been a joyous and confronting experience healing and getting to know my true self and learning to honor her. To honor her by making new agreements. This is actually the 4th level of my coaching methodology. Level 4 Power is where you make new agreements with your true self and commit to living by them. So, starting to listen to the quiet and sometimes very loud voice of my true self and doing the hard work to get in alignment with her was the start of my awakening.

I’m go grateful something deep inside woke up to the truth that being anyone but myself was agreeing to a slow painful death. That I get I live in alignment and have a roadmap back to myself when I forget.


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