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Sometimes people are really at war with themselves

There’s a lot of battling on social media right now.





Publicly shaming people for their different positions.

Invitations to remove yourself from someone’s network and friends list if you hold a certain position.

It’s really none of my business what people do to create digital spaces that feel safe and aligned for them.

It’s really none of my business what people want to argue about and how they argue.

It’s a powerful reminder for me, my healing and my personal growth every time I witness it.

I used to LOVE battling, judging and downright condemning people who held different opinions.

It used to feel so damn good.

I felt powerful.

But things are different now.

I realized too many times I went to battle someone who was reflecting something back to me that was too painful to see.

That’s because everything around me is me in some way and I’ve had to learn over and over again how to confront, accept and integrate.

It’s really hard but gives me true power now.

Use your voice. Fight for what you believe in and do your inner work.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and powerful Tuesday.



Women’s Mentor @womencanheal


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