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Safety Falls To Us First and Foremost

You get the best version of me when I feel safe with you.

...and want to add that creating safety falls to us first and foremost.


I want to focus on emotional safety in dating and relationships with this one.


When it comes to emotional safety here are some of the hallmarks:

  • You trust that the other person has your best interest at heart

  • You feel your partner is accountable and reliable

  • They say what they mean and mean what they say

  • No name calling or use of demeaning language toward you

  • Your significant other takes responsibility for their own feelings, not casting blame onto you

  • Your partner does not threaten the relationship to gain control

  • They treat your relationship as if it is a living breathing entity

  • Your partners negotiate their individual needs

  • They are open to having difficult conversations and strive for win-win solutions

  • Your significant other is willing to undo or break destructive patterns and generational cycles knowing that history does not define them and the relationship


That's a hefty list right?


And that is a short list!


Here's the thing:


As much as you long for all the qualities listed above in a romantic relationship...

. will not GET THIS until you GIVE IT.

. will not HAVE IT until you BECOME IT.


Creating emotional safety in your love relationships is our responsibility because it starts with us.


Ohhh so curious what your thoughts are about this one.




🌿Women's Mentor @womencanheal


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