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Rejection is for your redirection

And it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve really written from my heart. I’ve been pretty busy with my group program TRANSFORM the last few weeks. It’s been such a powerful experience holding these six women. I saw myself expand into a new level of possibility for myself, my self-worth and my business while enrolling for the program.

At the same time I had some low points with this experience. I had women ignore my offers to hear more about the program by not replying to my messages. I had women say No. I had women say they didn’t need something like this. I had women say they were too busy. I had women tell me it was too expensive. Each time I’d feel the urge to go into that familiar hole of unworthiness, lack of value, of failure, of rejection.

My process of transformation and healing of these deeper layers of myself has surprised and sometimes shocked me. The emotional turns I am making are faster and have more of a “thank u, next” quality. But not dismissive, or bypassing or moral superiority. It’s a genuine gratitude, hope and self-affirming cultivated by a steady practice of self-love and spirituality. I let myself feel the sting of rejection while bringing in all the love and self-awareness. Soon after allowing myself this space I’m redirected and powered in the direction of my goal and dreams.


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