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Love Your Soul

When I began my healing journey I had many big tasks ahead of me. One of them was getting to know and love my soul.

At the time I already had a good understanding of mind and body. I used those very well to my advantage and sometimes to my disadvantage. But now there was this part of myself, my soul, that felt very far away. I had pain and my conception of soul was that it was something (someone) I could access when I was happy and things were going well.

But that wasn’t the case for me. I hurt. So I set out to discover who I am and get into relationship with my soul when I was in pain and when I was out of pain. The first thing was I had to learn to be silent and listen for what my soul was trying to tell me when I was by myself in meditation and pause and listen in connection with others too.

I’m learning that loving the soul, like so many things, can be simple. The act of meditating is loving the soul. Taking time to listen is loving the soul. Drinking water is loving the soul. Sharing a vulnerable truth with someone is loving the soul.

How would you like to love your soul today?


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