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I remember...

It's been a wild ride finding myself and finding love... - I remember in my early 20s exiting an unhealthy relationship and entering another one shortly after and thinking that was better than being alone. - I remember in my mid 20s coming home from a fun night out with friends and being suddenly hit with a wave of loneliness as I closed the door behind me realizing while I had a really full life I still didn't have the relationship I really wanted. - I remember in my later 30s being told yet again that someone couldn't be a relationship with me, that the timing just wasn't right and they just weren't wanting anything serious. I've had some success... - I remember the first time I took action in defining my worth and communicated to someone I was on and off with for years that I couldn't see them anymore. - I remember when my current partner asked me to be his girlfriend and because I did the work to be so connected to my body, intuition and my YES/NO I felt empowered and had no hesitation or doubt that this was a connection I wanted to explore further. - Now at age 37, I know and love myself so much more. I've found a committed relationship AND my life is full. I have fun and feel challenged everyday to keep growing in the relationship. When it's very challenging I have the roadmap (from the personal work I've done on myself) to guide me back home. I feel full permission to love fearlessly and bring all of myself out each day because I did that work for myself first. I'm putting together a small program for women seeking relationship beginning mid Nov and gathering as much info as possible to make it rich, transformative and amazing. I’m looking to interview 3 women before next Friday! Let’s talk if you're interested! Just comment below or message me, and we'll schedule a call. Please show some love and tag anyone you think might want to chat with me too!


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