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How to Use Relationship Routines

A morning routine or morning ritual is series of actions you take each morning.


A solo routine allows you to spend time connecting with yourself before you start your day and is an act of self-love.


A morning routine with another person allows you to spend time connecting with another before you start your days and is an act of commitment and respect for the success of the relationship.


When it comes to having a happy relationship, I think there are certain routines that can have a powerful and positive impact.


My morning routine feels so good these days and I do a solo and partnered one daily.

  1. Here’s my solo morning routine:

  2. Open my eyes

  3. Feel and speak aloud my gratitude for waking up to another day and being alive

  4. Acknowledge that it’s a new day that I am not in control of

  5. Use the bathroom

  6. Hydrate

  7. Free write about whatever thoughts, fears, gratitudes and/or desires on my mind

  8. Rip up/release the fears and stories or place my desires and gratitudes in my spiritual collection box

  9. Meditate

  10. Juice 16oz of celery

  11. Make green smoothies for me and my partner

  12. 10-15 mins of physical movement

  13. Morning ritual with my partner (see below)

  14. Get ready for the day


Here’s my morning ritual with my partner, we do this before we head off to work:

  • Share how we individually feel in this moment

  • Read a short inspirational text

  • Share how we related to the text

  • Share a gratitude for the self, for the other and for the world

A morning routine can look however you design it.

It can be 2 hours or 2 mins. Whatever you chose let it be something that leaves you feel like you did something loving and caring for yourself and/or your relationship.

Do you have a morning routine? I’d love to hear about it below!



Women's Mentor @womencanheal


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