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How to Date With Depth

I've appeared on three podcasts since I fully claimed Women Can Heal as my life's work.

The first one was earlier on in my business. I was battling a cold, not super clear on my message and vision and had difficultly with all the pauses we were taking for the paid advertising between segments. I felt like I floundered a bit with that one.

The second podcast appearance was about a year later and was a much different experience. I had done the difficult work to clarify my message, share more vulnerably with my audience and because I'd been private coaching and running programs I felt so much more confident in talking about myself, my pillars and my method. Unfortunately there were some tech issues and we lost the audio and the podcast never aired.

My third podcast experience feels like all the stars aligned. I appeared on THE NEW TRUTH Podcast last Friday and I'm super excited to share the epic conversation about dating, relationships self-love and personal growth that I had with two beautiful souls @lovecoachcatherine and @kateharlowxo.

When I was approached to be a guest on this and scrolled through the past guests and topics and was a resounding YES because I felt like I fit in so perfectly.

The podcast episode, "How to Date With Depth". Enjoy!


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