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How I Work

There is a gift or lesson in every single negative feeling experience you have in dating and seeking relationship. It’s some of the hardest work I do with my clients who are recently out of a break up or still feeling hurt and confused by a relationship of the past. We do this work in a slow, deliberate and calibrated way. When the heart is still tender or angry from the end of a relationship it can be more harmful to rush to finding the lesson. Or when a woman is becoming awake to the connection between her own upbringing and the love relationship she finds herself in it’s massive and disorienting. Rushing to “What did you learn?” or “What will you do next time?” in my opinion is invalidating even if she’s been hurting for a long long time. Holding space for the feelings, big or small, while advocating for her own vision and desire for healthy and empowering love relationships is what I do. Trusting that inside her lies: (1) all the answers she seeks (2) the exact timeline of her healing and transformation This is how I work.


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