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Happy Holidays!

There’s a lot of good energy in my life right now. A lot to look forward to. This year I’ve been working really hard to grow and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have a lot to be grateful for. At the same time I try to keep it real. It wasn’t always like that. Shopping for holiday cards yesterday I spent a good 20 mins reading through the messages. Cards filled with messages to family and friends professing gratitude and praise to the recipient is. By the 15th card I was starting to to roll my eyes. I wondered why that was. Then I saw in the far right corner a tag that read “Seasons Greeting - Difficult Year” and I read it and I felt like I could breath again. “I know this holiday may not look how you thought it would... and I want you to know you are in my thoughts.” I love this simple communication of love. Nothing over the top. Just acknowledgement and sending of love. I’d like to do the same for anyone on my page having a hard time this year. May your holiday be filled with happiness, health, good cheer and the warmth of family...and if it’s not...

MAY YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO: -take steps to surround yourself with positive people -stay away (physically and on social media) from toxic people who you don’t feel good around -give yourself the self-care you deserve -take a time out from family when you need it -set boundaries and say no to loved ones when you feel pressured -pace yourself and organize your time -reach out for help if you need it -phone a friend and find connection -remember you are worth it even if the holiday doesn’t look and feel the way you want it to


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