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Today I want to share a part of my evolution with you.

I took this photo this weekend on the porch of my new home in Northern California.

I look around at my surrounding and I see trees everywhere.

I close my eyes and I hear nothing. No car horns. No dogs barking. No construction.

I breathe in clear fresh crisp air that has the faint smell of chimney smoke.

I've been sleeping through the night and waking up a little lighter each morning.

I consider myself a city girl.

I've lived in 4 major cities in my lifetime: Boston, New York, Austin and San Francisco.

My time in each city meant so much to me and grew me in ways I couldn't imagine.

I can see now that living in cities stimulated me intensely. It conditioned me to move fast, be loud and be around and hold a lot of energy at once.

These aren't things I judge as bad. I actually love that I developed these skills.

Things are different now. There's a next evolution.

Having my home be this close to nature, being in this amount of quiet is getting me tapped into new parts of myself that want to emerge.

I don't have words for them yet but I do feel excitement.

I'm curious if you've ever made a major move from city to more rural or vice versa. Can you resonate with this new place at the beginning of evolution? I'd love to hear your reflections below



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