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Michele Wellington
Integrative Empowerment Coach
Handcrafted California Flower Essences

Healing emotional trauma


Hello. My name is


Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm so glad you are here. I'm here to call you into more Truth, Life Force and Personal Power so you can use them for life fulfillment and fostering a more compassionate, vibrant and just world. My childhood was great in many ways and difficult in others. While the details of my challenges aren't super relevant here, it's important to mention that my emotional needs weren't consistently met, leaving me feeling disempowered and disconnected from my true self. As I grew into a physical adult, my emotional capacity remained that of a child. I began experiencing the consequences of my emotional capacity as soon as I got to college and they immediately showed up in my romantic relationships. While things looked put together in other areas of my life, I struggled with low confidence, buried anger that would slip out when drinking, and mysterious and at times debilitating physical symptoms. There was a stark incongruence between my outer life and my inner reality. In an attempt to cope, I built emotional walls to keep people out then lowered them and let too many people in. I desperately wanted someone to rescue me but felt I could only depend on myself. I avoided and numbed my feelings and put extraordinary pressure on myself to be perfect in every way. My world felt so small and each day I could see and feel more and more life force was draining out of me. When I discovered the world of self-help and personal development, I entered an even more painful reality of obsessively trying to fix and heal what I thought was broken in me. In just two years, I spent a shocking amount of money in the transformational coaching world, relinquishing my personal power to teachers, communities, and modalities because I believed they had the power to make me whole again. I'll admit, I made some wonderful changes and experienced some flashy "success" during that time but was still troubled by two things: 1. Deep down, I still believed I was broken because there were deeper layers of integration and childhood emotional healing work to do. What was different now was a growing awareness that this work was connected to my personal power and needed to be sourced from within rather than without. 2. I was trying to create a business but kept starting and stopping, feeling like a fraud, "failing" at launches, and exhausting myself because all of what was emotionally unresolved for me expressed itself perfectly in my business. There was a lack of congruence between my aspirations and my internal state. With these realizations, I started to gain more clarity on how to access personal power, increase vitality, and expand in my life. In September 2022, I hit an emotional bottom with a painful breakup of a long-term partnership and a simultaneous health crisis. I was at the lowest point I’ve ever been physically and emotionally with an arsenal of coaching and healing tools at my disposal. These tools helped move me forward a bit and gave me temporary relief, but it was fleeting. In March 2023, in a moment of despair, I was called and lovingly invited to work with a flower whose sole purpose was to help with grief and loss. I said yes and placed myself in the hands of this plant ally when I felt like I had nothing and no one else to turn to due to sheer emotional and physical exhaustion. I intentionally journeyed with this plant in the form of flower essence (a liquid elixir with the vibrational signature of the plant) and many more in succession after that, gratefully receiving the lessons and subtle medicine they each uniquely held. I also used the battery of coaching and healing tools I had cultivated over the years and found the breakup had unearthed deep unresolved childhood trauma. During this time of healing, unbeknownst to me, I realized I a unique body of work engage fully with pain that was finally ready to be alchemized and integrated. On the other side of this journey, I realized I had a unique relationship with flowers and plants, confirming my calling to share this vibrational plant medicine with everyone who wants it. When I committed to empowerment coaching and work with flower essences, business suddenly became way less complicated and ceased being something I had to figure out. With a clear congruent throughline to my Truth, my Lifeforve and my Personal Power, I felt my inherent wholeness. I understand finally that Life Force flowing through me is my birthright and always accessible. With more consistent flowing Life Force, my life and business continue to expand, and as they expand, I feel my unique contribution to the world. Most importantly, I now live in Congruence with my True Self, allowing me to harness my life force and personal power to foster a more compassionate, vibrant, and just world. From these areas of initiation come the offerings I share with you today. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Continue on to learn more.

flower essence therapy

From Me to You...

If we were meeting at my home I'd already have the diffuser going with something sweet-smelling. I'd offer you a sparkly beverage and some homemade tasty snacks. Since we're on the internet, below you'll find the content-equivalent of my welcome-to-my home offerings.  




If you want a name for your confusing behavior in dating and relationships, to learn where it comes from, beginning steps to curb it and specific steps to fortify yourself so and step into healthier behaviors, then this guidebook is for you.


Video Series


A revealing, touching and alchemical 7-Day Experience that goes straight to your inbox. Learn and integrate a 5-step flow for processing your emotional triggers that will forever change how you relate to yourself and your emotional world.


Audio Practice

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Increase emotional awareness, cultivate self-love, and foster a deep sense of inner security and well-being with this gentle reparenting practice. Navigate your emotional world by tending to your inner child and inner teenager. 

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The Offerings



This is my core framework and method for coaching. Integration Arts will increase your facility with your emotions, support you in integrating the past, and provide the scaffolding to (re)build relationships of any kind from the ground up. What's Included: Coaching with flower essences, embodiment practices, nervous system regulation + healing, inner family work, deeper work and refinement on identfying and meeting needs, increasing self-esteem, solidifying identity, growing emotional maturity, and healing heartbreak.

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Floral Alchemy Apothecary

Floral Alchemy Apothecary (formally Allied Healing Apothecary) offers flower essence remedies for embodying plant wisdom and personal transformation. All flower essences are handcrafted and ethically sourced in California. Vibrational flower essences are gentle yet potent herbal remedies that capture the energetic imprint of flowers. Flower essences contain no flavor, fragrance, or physical trace of the plants from which they came. Using the sun to harness the innate life force and vibrational frequencies of these blooming teachers, flower essences offer a unique and non-invasive approach to deep emotional healing. Through intentional journeying with these liquid elixirs, you'll gently revitalize your mind, body, and spirit so you can embrace a life of balance, clarity, and alignment like never before.

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