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You've been working on healing your past

...but struggling with handling your present.


It's time to take a bold step

towards integration.

Thank you! Your practice is on the way!

What is Reparenting?

Reparenting is a powerful integration tool that involves listening to and nurturing your inner child and inner teenager—the two parts of you that hold onto past hurts, unmet needs, and emotional wounds from childhood. 

By connecting with and caring for your inner child and inner teenager you can break free from the affects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), cultivate self-love, and foster a deep sense of inner security and well-being.

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What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?

The term ACE was coined as part of a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente. Researchers found that there are 10 ACEs or difficult events/experiences in childhood and/or adolescence that impact the vast majority of sufferers.


(A list of the 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences can be found at the bottom of this page).


 You may have thought that as an adult you had moved past your ACE(s) but if you're still struggling in your relationships, with deep down you know this isn’t true. That’s because ACEs change you on the inside.

What Regular Reparenting Can Do

Emotional Healing:

If you’ve experienced Adverse Childhood experiences (ACEs), reparenting can help address and heal those wounds


If you struggle with identity and with reparenting you can learn to nurture yourself and build a stronger, more positive self-image

Healthier Relationships

By healing your inner child, you can improve your relationships with others, creating more meaningful and loving connections

Inner Peace: 

Find a greater sense of calm and inner harmony through self-compassion and self-care

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Your Invitation

When you submit your email you'll receive two versions of the practice:

A 19 min extended practice that's great if you are new to reparenting or want a longer deeper practice.

A 13 min practice to use in the midst of a sudden trigger.


Reparenting takes time and self-compassion.

I invite you to do this practice daily for at least 30 days.

Meet Your Mentor

My name is Michele.

I'm an Integrative Empowerment Coach and Flower Essence Practitioner. I created this audio practice to support myself and others to simply and repeatably bridge the past and present in order to unlock stuck personal power.  Reparenting is a powerful tool for anyone who's aware that different parts of ourselves need emotional expression and loving reassurance and guidance.


No matter how triggered we are, how chaotic our lives become or numb we feel, there is always a grounded, loving and conscious part of ourselves available as a resource for healing and empowerment. The trick is creating time and space for them to come forward. This audio will do just that.

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Thank you! Your practice is on the way!

🧸The List of 10 Adverse Childhood Experiences🧸

 Physical Abuse

 Emotional Abuse

 Sexual Abuse

 Physical Neglect

 Emotional Neglect

 Mental Illness in the Household 

 Mother Treated Violently


 Incarcerated Relative

 Substance Abuse in the Household

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