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An Exploration Into 5 Difficult Emotions That Disempower Your Love Life

...and How to Use Them Instead to Grow Yourself & Empower Your Relationships

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Picture this...

You're interested in someone romantically. You start off with a normal level of nervous excitement but it can shift quickly to an all-consuming anxiety without you even realizing it. You swore you'd keep it cool this time but you're crushed when they disappear or end it yet again.

You've been in a longterm relationship. You've felt hurt or mistreated but haven't really addressed or dealt with it in your partnership. Now it's turned into a full blown grudge. You love them but you keep seeing them as the enemy.

You're aware of your own insecurities in your love life. You do your best to manage them but without warning you can find yourself obsessing and paranoid about all the things you think threaten to take it all away. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Does any of this feel familiar?

If it does you're in good company because so many of us struggle in these ways too. 


The thing that links all three of these experiences is the role emotions play in our love lives. 


Emotions can play a disempowering role in our love lives but with knowledge and practice they can be harnessed to empower us instead.

Meet Your Mentor


Hey! I'm Michele...


I'm an emotional growth coach and embodiment guide at Women Can Heal. I used to be a hot mess in my love life but had it put together in all other areas of my life. For some reason romantic relationships were big emotional triggers for me and I constantly felt disempowered inside of them.


I wrote this guide because gaining mastery over my emotions has been vital for my health and the health of my love life. When I learned to use my difficult emotions to unearth the power hidden inside them it was a total game changer.


I hope it can be the same for you.


If you want...

  • a clear explanation of the root cause of the 5 most difficult emotions in dating and relationships

  • to understand exactly how these 5 emotions can disempower you and your love life


  • to implement strategies in dealing with these emotions that will empower you instead


...then download your copy of The Empowered Emotions Guidebook.


Let's work together to take you and your love life to the next level!

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Empowered Emotions is on the way!

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