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Don't Just Manage and Control Difficult Emotions.
Alchemize Them.


A revealing, touching and alchemical 

7-Day Experience that goes straight to your inbox. Learn and integrate a 5-step flow for processing your emotional triggers that will forever change how you relate to yourself and your emotional world.

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UNTRIGGERED is on the way...

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UNTRIGGERED is for anyone who.....

(1) understands that difficult emotions have wisdom inside them

(2) accepts that while we can't eliminate triggers we can become skillful at working with them


(3) appreciates the value of being present with difficult emotions instead of avoiding them


(4) wants a structured process to transform the pain and shame of emotional triggers into peace and power

The Experience

Over our seven days together you will learn my 5-step approach to transforming emotional triggers. 

In UNTRIGGERED you will:

  • Root into yourself so that you feel confident to be present with any difficult emotion that arises

  • Identify deeper aspects of your emotional triggers so that you can more easily lower their intensity

  • Gain more appreciation for and access to yourself as you heal your past and create more emotional freedom in your present

Image by Bhushan Sadani

How This Works

As soon as you sign up for UNTRIGGERED you'll receive your day 1 welcome email and introduction. 

You'll receive 5 more emails over the next 5 days that include a video lesson (ranging from 6 to 12mins in length) that will teach your a step in the UNTRIGGERED sequence. Each lesson comes with a short integration assignment and resources. 

On day 7 you'll receive a final email from me with a wrap up and some additional integration practices and resources.

At the end of our 7 days together, it is my hope that you experience a shift (however big or small) in how you relate to yourself and your emotional triggers and that you deepen your connecton to your emotional world.


Hi there, I'm Michele.


I've always felt things bigger and deeper than most. I've been called too sensitive, intense and too emotional. I know what it's like to feel a lot and not have good ways to work with those feelings. To be overwhelmed each time a strong emotion hits and incapable of finding emotional relief.


When I realized it was my responsibility to find a process that could support me when big emotions hit, I set out to find one. In my search I discovered it was harder than I thought to find something that worked for me. I also learned (through trial) many of these trigger processing techniques gave me a temporary emotional release but the difficult emotions would come back shortly after.


UNTRIGGERED is the process I create in the absence of finding what really worked for me. UNTRIGGERED is a combination of what I've found to be the most effective strategies to neutralize triggers put together for you in an organized simple flow.


I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about UNTRIGGERED and how it goes for you. 

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UNTRIGGERED is on the way...

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