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You Complete Me

When you hear this phrase do you love or hate it?

The people who hate this will have strong reactions.

They'll probably snap back and tell you this is some kind of unhealthy codependence and that you need to learn how to complete yourself first before you can love anyone.

I don't actually believe this entirely.

I think you CAN complete parts of your being by finding that deep soulful love you've been looking for AND you can be whole and complete in other parts of you being too.

I had a beautiful enrollment convo today for @datewithdepth

I had to chance to step into the dream room of this woman's desire.

Her initial desire is for healthy committed relationship with someone she can create a family with.

When we got to the root we uncovered something so powerful and so pure we both sat in silence.

She said she has always been curious and trying to understand the meaning of life. On a soul journey to discover who she is, what she is doing here and discover what her purpose is.

After some deeper questions she revealed that finding someone would complete her.

I asked her what that meant.

She said she could feel like she could carry out her purpose fully. That finding the committed relationship she longs for would give her this complimentary part and a full picture of how all this fits together. She said everything would make sense.

I told her her explanation was beautiful and that many people are afraid to admit this.

They fear not being self-sufficient enough.

They fear being judge as not independent enough.

Here's the thing.

Our relationships with other people and the meaning we create with them IS the missing piece to use carrying out our purpose.

We cannot do this alone.

The work we do internally to heal, to shift our mindsets, to improve our relationships brings us the meaning and connection I think we need as humans to carry out our purpose.


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