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Women Creating IRL Community

A few weeks ago I attended Women Creating IRL Community 3.0 and it was so magical! I got to share my expertise on how I create and build in real life community in the Bay Area through my work with @thewomenswakeupclub

Being a panelist for such a beautiful event showed me how far I’ve come with my own journey of purpose and self-actualization and my journey being connected to other powerful women doing the same.

Competition with other women is a pattern of mine that I’ve been able to get a lot of practice with over the years as I’ve stepped into community holding and entrepreneurship. I’ve gotten to see anything I think I envy or am jealous of in another woman is the thing I want for myself so why not

(a) stop competing with them

(b) start vulnerably connecting with them

(c) start collaborating with them

(d) keep carving out my own path

Thank you to all the other women panelists @theawakensociety @breakupcommittee @albertslist @wellnesslovevixen

The conversation and sharing of the mic flowed so seamlessly. I literally met all of you in person for the first time last night and the love, laughter, respect and appreciation was there from the start.

I’m super grateful to @stephaniemthoma, our host for the evening, for being a bad ass connectress but also for inviting me to be on the panel and step further into my purpose by sharing it on this platform!

photo cred: @rawportraiture



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