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Why I Make Funny Reels About Serious Stuff

I’ve been getting more and more into Reels as my primary type of content here and it’s been so fun.

You may have noticed that most of my reels are for laughs. I know this because I’m usually laughing as I’m recording them or seeing tons of laugh cry emojis in the comments.

There are also many of you who are confronted and sometimes pained by the truth delivered in my reels about emotional growth, dating and relationships. I know this because I get DMs, sad face emojis and questions asking me how to shift this stuff. Sometimes it hurts my heart a bit because I’ve been there and remember how difficult it can be to break out of these patterns and get emotionally free.

I want to say that my reels aren’t meant to mock anyone’s difficult experience. That’s not what I’m here for.

The topics I teach about…

Emotional Growth

Emotional Immaturity

Toxic Relationships

Healing TraumaEmotional Addiction

…just to name a few…

are no laughing matter.

What I have been noticing is how comedy can open up important conversations about serious stuff. I’ve seen time and time again how it allows us to let our guard down and release shame, stigma and judgement surrounding the topics when we look around and see people are laughing with us and we’re not alone.

Laughter is medicine for me.

Humor is an opening.

Openings lead to connection.

We heal in connection.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of myself and my work through Reels and furthering my vision of gathering community to do the very important work to become more secure, integrated and emotionally free.




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