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What We Need to Unlearn

We are so lucky to live in a time when so many people are awakening and healing themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

We are in an age of unlearning. There are things we desperately need to unlearn as it relates to dating and finding an authentic, aligned and sustainable relationship. We learn certain behaviors and perpetuate certain thinking that ultimately sabotage our dating efforts. Here are some things on my list of things to unlearn: 1. Going on strike/boycotting dating altogether 2. Making and having too many rules 3. Having barriers instead of boundaries 4. Having no boundaries at all 5. Ignoring the yellow and red flags 6. Overloading yourself with dating potentials 7. Refusing to be vulnerable 8. Taking things too personally 9. Having unrealistic expectations 10. Not speaking your truth Any of those resonate for you? I’d love to invite you to unlearn what isn’t working and learn new things that work. Date With Depth: How to Find Love Without Losing Yourself is designed for unlearning and empowerment. Swipe a long to learn more about what you will learn and do. The work in this program is meant to illuminate the root causes of your ongoing challenges in dating and relationships and teach you how to free yourself from the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that have been holding you back from the committed relationship you seek. It will do this in an incredibly supportive and inspiring environment. It’s all waiting for you.


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