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What to Remember When You Doubt You'll Ever Find Someone pt. 3

(3) Use your time and energy to crush your goals, explore passions and take steps toward living into your life purpose

EXAMPLE: For a long time 99% of my energy went into finding a boyfriend. As with anything that's important to you it's good to try hard. But I wasn't finding a heathy sustainable relationship and it was all I was focusing on. Despite my frustrations, I was determined to "fix" my love life. So I tried more and used more energy. I took to dating guides to study and learn how to master finding a boyfriend. By age 32, I had read countless blog posts, magazine articles and books. Sometimes it felt like a full time job and in moment I would slow down and be still with. myself I felt empty and directionless.

HEALING: Sometimes our pursuit of romantic love can distract us from tapping into our very best life. We can syphon energy from discovering and being in our soul calling and purpose on this planet. We can neglect our longterm goals and passions. A passion, goal and purpose can TOTALLY be finding love and partnership. But I felt empty and directionless because I wasn't tapped into my real purpose, passions and goals in life. Once I realized I could use my time as a single woman to explore my passions and goal I felt alive and excited about what was possible for me. A relationship started becoming a nice to have rather than my #1 necessity. My purpose and direction in life became clear and I started running toward it. I felt happy and when I felt lonely I could refocus myself with my greater purpose.

LESSON: Once you realize you can use your time alone to explore your passions, reach for goals and live into your purpose you tap into an unshakeable aliveness that can power you through.


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