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To Fall In Love With Yourself Is the First Step to Real Happiness

When you are feeling down on yourself some people will tell you to love yourself more.

But what does it actually mean to fall in love with yourself?

Well, I think falling in love with yourself is about knowing how to properly esteem yourself.

Meaning, you can easily find positive regard for yourself.

Meaning, you can talk to yourself nicely and believe in yourself and your abilities.

Here are my top 5 ways I practice building my self-esteem:

(1) Adopting an attitude of self-acceptance and self-love. This one is the hardest. It means doing the work to really understand that you are a worthy person despite your shortcomings and mistakes. My top practice for this is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and my favorite teacher is Sonya Sophia @worldtappingcircle

(2) I've dedicated years (and dollars) to really getting to know myself. Who I am, my values, needs, wants, taste, etc. I realized that I couldn't value what I did not know. I guess you can call me a transformation junkie because I've taken a lot of courses. Find a book, body of work or teacher you admire and explore yourself further.

(3) Doing nice things for myself like buying something I want, looking in the mirror and telling myself I deserve it. Taking care of myself by setting and holding boundaries, getting in the bath. Self-care validates your self-worth.

(4) I practice receiving. I've stopped dismissing compliments and I let people do things for me when they offer. I also ask for help now more than I ever have.

(5) I protect my growing self-esteem like a I would a baby. I guard myself against negative people who might want to drag me down. I'm learning to have energetic boundaries and not take other people's actions so personally. I'm filtering out inappropriate criticism.


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