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The Thing About Ambitious Women

I attract ambitious women to my work.

I define an ambitious woman as a woman who’s done the work or actively working to build the life she wants.

She has a steady job, home, good friends, active social life and most importantly a passion and drive in life.

She recognizes she has so much of herself to share in a longterm relationship. And she knows deep down there is so much more she wants to experience in a loving committed partnership.

These ambitious women come to me with a lot of desire for love and partnership and they come to me in a lot of pain too.

They’ve either gotten weary of having to tone down their drive and ambition to make others comfortable or they feel alone, unseen and unmet in their drive and ambition.

I think ambitious women really only have two options when it comes to romantic partners.

Option 1: a supportive partner

Option 2: no partner at all

Anything in between will just be too painful.

So some reminders today.

1. Don’t settle: Be with someone who challenges you and please don’t go below that standard.

2. Stay in your purpose: Your ambition AKA your purpose is your North Star when the search for love becomes rocky. Remind yourself you had a purpose long before this person came into your life.

3. DTIP: Take dating setbacks like rejection or ghosting in stride. Don’t take it personal (DTIP). Understand there is nothing wrong with you.




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