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Losing Yourself To Find Love

Date Like a Man. Play by the Rules. Act Like a Lady and Think Like a Man. Why Men Marry Bitches. Truth time: I read all these books in my early 30s! And when I read these book titles today I immediately feel less than. I think: I need to change myself. I need to get smarter. I need to make myself smaller and quieter to get the guy. Playing games or changing yourself to find the relationship you want is no longer the only option for you. Want an authentic and sustainable relationship? Cultivate an authentic and sustainable relationship with yourself. If I could write a book I’d call it: How to Find “The One” Within. How to Feel Whole, Complete and Dateable. Awake, Unbounded & In Love. Maybe that will be a reality some day. For now, stop believing you have to settle and lose yourself to find a relationship. Stop listening to dating manuals that tell you to be different. Start with doing the inner work first. I had my first date with my partner July 2016 and the thing that has changed since our first date and today is the way I feel about myself, the happiness and fullness I’ve created for myself and belief in the love I knew was possible for me. You’re capable of that too.


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