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It's My Partner's Birthday Today

A client of mine texted me with this recently.

“I see that my tendency is to want to be alone (which is one of the reasons I’m single) but I’m starting to see the true joy of sharing my life with another person.”

I responded, “It truly is a joy!”

Today is my partner’s birthday and I’m feeling a lot of gratitude and joy today. Here’s what I want to say:

I’m honored to be by your side as you step into your next year of life.

This past year I’ve watched you grow in a lot of areas of your life. Particularly the attention and care you put into your garden, the dedication to your performance art with improv and with your own personal growth doing very deep excavation and self-reflection.

Our partnership has evolved, shed layers and deepened this year. The work you’ve done to fill your own life with truth, fun and passion has had an impact on our relationship. At times, because of the way I attach in relationships, it’s been hard see the good in that. I’ve had trouble understanding this concept that the more you get closer to your true self the better it is for us and sometimes that means having less time together.

I’m so grateful for the shift I was able to make here this year. The shift to following your lead and filling my own life up too. I think I knew that conceptually but this year in this relationship with you I get to practice this. We’ve been able to create more space for ourselves to do the work and bring our stories, new insights, passions back to the relationship to nourish it.

You’ve been so supportive and patient this year as I’ve stepped further into growing my business reminding me to take breaks, acknowledge the work I’ve done and have some fun. Like this day here when you won the lottery for us to see Hamilton on a Wednesday in the middle of the day. We both bring important things to the relationship and I’m so lucky to experience your flavor of love, play and adventure every day.

I love you. May you continue to grow as a person and get closer and closer to your big dreams with each passing year. Wishing you a very happy birthday!


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