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If You Feel Off...

If you feel off go back to the basics. Nourish yourself with basic self care and tap into the basics of what makes you, you.

I travelled for the holiday and I’ve been traveling every year at this time for as long as I can remember. Traveling can take us off our center. Not to mention if you are traveling home and have a complicated/challenging family history being home can bring up old dynamics and feelings. It’s so important to make sure you take good care of yourself every day, not just when you travel during the holidays. It’s key to remember two things if you are feeling off this holiday season. 1. make sure your basic self care is met no matter what and 2. tap into what makes you, you when you travel or bring “home” with you. Basic nourishing self care includes staying hydrated, eating enough food and getting enough sleep. It also includes stretching or moving your body in some way. The next part of coming back to yourself when you feel off is to tap into the basics of what makes you, you. To do this you must already have a practice of cultivating a strong sense of home in yourself. Meaning you can create safety and stability wherever you go. Perhaps you have a steady meditation practice, or have a certain sleep time or bath routine that makes you feel really good and connected to yourself. Or maybe you have a special pillow or blanket you can make space in your suitcase to bring with you. Try to give yourself time to plan this out. You don’t need a ton but you need some. For example, I’m vegan and gluten free and my family is not. I get stressed when I don’t know where my next vegan meal is coming from. It was an act of self care to go and get the foods I like and can eat and plan my holiday meal alongside theirs. I also love diffusing oils to help me fall asleep so for the second year, to bring home with me I brought a small diffuser and my favorite oils. The ideas are endless when it comes to surrounding yourself with care, safety and stability when you are out of your element or feeling off. What are some ways you practice self-care during the holiday travel season?


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