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I See You

You are beautiful, powerful and infinite. And... You're perpetually single and want a relationship. You’ve been out of a relationship for some time and think you might be ready to fall in love again. You're becoming aware of your relationship patterns and want to break free of them. You seem to have it all but the one thing missing is someone to share it with. You feel like you are spinning your wheels inside your love life and wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?” You feel confident and empowered in most areas of your life except love and relationships. You think you are a catch but you, your friends and family are baffled by why you are still single. You have become jaded and untrusting about love and relationships and deep down you want to change that. You feel like you do EVERYTHING right in the beginning but can’t seem to get a partner to commit. You're tired and weary of falling for inappropriate and unavailable people. You are beautiful, powerful and infinite. I see you. I see you because I see myself In you. No self importance. No smugness. Just real empathy and compassion. My journey started with one thing- me going inward to touch my beauty, power and infinity.


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