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Human Attraction Explained

There are billions of people in the world so why are we mostly attracted to a select few? Today I wanted to outline some of the conscious and subconscious elements that draw us to the people we are romantically interested in.

Conscious Attractions

•YOU LIKE THE OBVIOUS SIMILARITIES: We tend to gravitate toward people who are similar to us because of instinct and culture. Statistically, more often than not, we choose partners with the same race, class, culture, religion, spiritual background etc.

•YOU LIKE THEIR STATUS: Status can include economic and social standing. We tend to be attracted to those who enhance our own self-esteem. 

•THEY ARE AESTHETICALLY PLEASING: Culture and society influence our perception of beauty. Surprisingly this plays less of a role than you would think. Not everyone goes after the “10”. The reason for this is that not everyone IS a 10 (if we are being really real lol)

Subconscious Attractions

•YOU'RE DRAWN TO DIFFERENCES: Carl Jung, can take credit for our understanding of the notion that we are attracted to partners who complement or complete us. This can be to enhance or balance our own abilities. On a subconscious level, it is believed we seek others who exhibit repressed/undeveloped parts of ourselves to balance us out.


•YOU'RE SEEKING RESOLUTION: Another popular notion, and the crux of my personal healing in relationship, is based on the idea that we attract our partners with the purpose of working out our life wounds and patterns and we may or may not realize it.


•YOU'RE PROGRAM MATCHES THEIR PROGRAM: Programming includes the patterns, habits and beliefs we develop throughout our lives starting at childhood. While the program may not being giving you the best love relationship or life, it is familiar and comfortable and we can be drawn to those who have the a program that positively or negatively fits well with ours. By becoming aware of your program, if it's not giving you the life you want, you can certainly change it.


I'm curious, are you aware of your own trends in attraction? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you!




🌿Women's Mentor @womencanheal


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