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How I Date by Design pt.2

Yesterday I shared about asking for the things I wanted in my relationship and how I designed a work-related separation that felt connected and stable for me.

Today I wanted to share what happened next.

When you start working with your own Desire and using it to make changes and redesign your life you sort of open up a pandora’s box.

But when it's true Desire it's not a pandora's box that will cause you REAL trouble but one that will open up more curiosity and unknown.

Initially when you step into knowing what you want, asking for it and receiving it this process can be exhilarating.

And then something can happen.

Bigger and more "scary” Desires can bubble (or shoot up) to the surface and there's more mental and emotional work to do to move toward them.

It’s not a bad thing but it can be uncomfortable for some.

My time away from my partner was feeling good. I felt connected and stable.


by the second week, I started hearing the quiet whispers inside that I wanted to stay in SF and continue working and living from here.

By the third week the volume of the whispers had turned up. My Desire was now clearly audible and I knew

I wanted to move to SF, work here AND I wanted my partner to move to be with me.

"That is was ridiculous, Michele."

"You can't ask him to do that."

"Just go back to Austin after the 30 days and don't rock the boat!"

Just a few of the voices of resistance inside my head.

But my heart knew the truth and as a woman who has committed herself to living in alignment with her true Desire I knew I had no choice.

So we scheduled a call that night. My heart raced and I could feel the sweat forming on my body.

Surprisingly the words came out smoothly and said, "I want to stay in SF and I want you to move here.

There was a pause.

I don't remember his exact words but he did say YES and I felt myself sink deeper into my body. The details of the HOW my partner's move don't matter. The WHAT of Desire matters and the redesigning and transformation possible when you step fully in.


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