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Accessing that "Real Love"

I believe in the healing power of transformational coaching.

I believe in it so much that I do it for a living and I pay people for it.

I work with a phenomenal relationship coach.

She is helping my partner and I access the real love between us.

After 5 years together I’ve never forgotten that I love my partner, but I admit I forget that I like him sometimes.

When I get caught up in my story and fears that feel too uncomfortable I can want to change the situation and change him.

I know there are always three options for me in life when I’m presented with an uncomfortable circumstance. I can leave it. I can try to change it. I can accept it.

Leaving isn’t an option for me as I am deeply committed and on purpose in my relationship even when it’s extremely difficult.

Changing him isn’t real love.

So deeper understanding and practice of acceptance is where I am growing.

I’m learning in coaching that to love him is to accept him.

I’m learning tools to listen deeply and be curious.

I’m feeling a newer, richer and more uncomfortable flavor of love that I’m trusting in.


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